How Much Glaze Paints Do I Need?

The bigger the piece, the more paint you will need. For example: mugs, bowls, small to medium banks, small to medium figurines and other small items we recommend 1oz. paint. Some medium to large size items we recommend 2oz. paint. The paint will not expire and can be reused for later projects as long as you cover up container pods to prevent paint from drying. 

Non-Toxic ~ Lead Free ~ Food Safe 

Color Me Mine Underglaze Paints are bright, vibrant, and versatile colors that can be applied light over dark. Paint on 1-2 coat for a translucent effect and 3 coats for opaque coverage.

Available in 2 convenient sizes: 1 oz. and 2 oz. size containers.

These paints are specific to glazing and firing at 2000* degrees or they will wash off. They are absolutely different from acrylic paint. Once your masterpieces are painted, they must be returned to the studio for glazing and firing and will be ready 7 days from your drop off date.

You must return your painted pottery to Color Me Mine Oxnard studio so that we may apply a clear overglaze and fire it in our kilns to make the glaze permanent and functional on your pottery piece. All our glazes are non-toxic and food safe. *plates, bowls, and mugs are NOT food safe until glazed and fired.